The Paterson Family

From Dumfriesshire, Scotland to Ontario, Canada


Children of James Paterson Jr. and Jane Irving:
James Paterson III



James Paterson III was born in a house known as Fourmerkland Hill in the town of Applegarth in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  He was born on February 24, 1852.  The house was located on Fourmerkland farm.

James married Mary Ann Bell in 1878.  She was born in 1852 in Annan.  They had six children: John (1878), Robert (1880), Edward (1881), Howard (1883), Alfred (1884), and Joseph (1885).

Census records show that James and Mary Ann immigrated to the United States in 1890.  The newspaper account of the 50th wedding anniversary party of the parents of James noted that James was visiting from Medina, New York. 

The 1900 census shows James and Mary and their sons Edward and Howard living in Ridgeway, New York.  The occupation of James was listed as a gardener, as was his son Edward. The 1910 census shows James and Mary living alone in Shelby, New York.  The 1915 census for the State of New York shows them living in Shelby.

According to the notes of another researcher, James may have died in January 1916, possibly in Detroit. 

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