The Paterson Family

From Dumfriesshire, Scotland to Ontario, Canada


Children of James Paterson and Jane Irving:
John Creighton Paterson


John Creighton Paterson was born in Annan, Scotland on October 4, 1857.  Annan is a town in the County of Dumfries, also known as Dumfriesshire. 

The name "Creighton" was a surname assumed by his grand aunt, Margaret Paterson, when she married James Creighton.  Margaret was the sister of John Creighton Paterson's paternal grandfather, James Paterson.  James and Margaret were children of John's great grandfather, Edward Paterson.

John Paterson immigrated to Canada in 1879 at the age of 22.  His parents and siblings immigrated to Canada the following year.  It is believed that John met Fanny Hope in Scotland and fell in love with her there.  He coaxed her to move to Canada, which she did in 1882.  A few days after she arrived, they were married.  The marriage register listed both of them as Presbyterians.  John's occupation was listed as a farmer.  They married on May 23, 1882.

John and Fanny had four children: Agnes Jane (1883-1978), Isabelle Mary (1885-1970), Mabel (1888-1963), and Margaret (1890-1990).  Isabelle did not marry or have children.  Agnes married but did not have children.  Mabel married and had four children:  James, Frances, William, and Bernice.  Mabel's family remained in Canada.  Margaret immigrated to Detroit, married, and had three children: Jean, Betty, and Murray.

The 1891 census shows John and Fanny and their four children living in Chatham just down the road from John's parents.  John's occupation was listed as a farmer.  The 1901 census listed John and his wife and four children still living together.  The family religion was listed as Presbyterian.  John was still listed as a farmer.

John died on February 23, 1938.  Fanny died in 1944.  They are both buried in Maple Leaf Cemetery in Chatham.

John and Fanny Paterson on their 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1932