The Paterson Family

From Dumfriesshire, Scotland to Ontario, Canada


Children of James Paterson Jr. and Jane Irving:
Margaret Nicholson Paterson



Margaret Nicholson Paterson was born on February 10, 1854 in the town of Applegarth in the county of Dumfriesshire in Scotland.  According to the census of 1861 and 1871, she lived with her parents and siblings in Cummertrees.

Margaret married Joseph William Hodgson on February 12, 1875 in the town of Annan.  They had 10 children, including two who died shortly after birth: John (1878-1883), Edward (1879-1911), Joseph (1881-1961), Archibald (1887-1911), Henry (1888-1911), George (1890-1941), Irene (1895-1936), and Lemuel (1898-1901).

The first few children were born in England.  They immigrated to the United States in 1884.  By 1888, they were living in Cleveland, Ohio.

The 1900 census shows Margaret and her family living in Cleveland, Ohio.  Joseph and his son Joseph Jr. were listed as working at a gas works company.  Joseph Sr. was a fireman there.

On January 20, 1911, two of Margaret's sons died from inhaling gas fumes at their place of employment.  Her husband, Joseph, inhaled the fumes but survived.  A news story described the event.

Margaret died on August 12, 1920.  She is buried at Monroe Cemetery in Cleveland.  Joseph Hodgson died on December 2, 1925.  He is also buried at Monroe Cemetery.

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Margaret Nicholson Paterson