The Paterson Family

From Dumfriesshire, Scotland to Ontario, Canada


 History of Dumfriesshire

Archeological remains found in Dumfriesshire originated from the Bronze Age and include stone circles and sculptured stones.  The Romans invaded this area many times and established camps and fortifications in Annandale.  Roman altars, urns and coins have been found in many parts of this area.

In the 13th and 14th Centuries, inhabitants of Dumfriesshire took a very active role in obtaining Scottish independence.  Land on both sides of this border region suffered the consequences of war between England and Scotland. 

During the past 250 years, Dumfriesshire was an area of agricultural development, shipbuilding, engineering and sandstone quarrying.  In the upland areas, forestry has more recently replaced the traditional sheep and hill cattle farming.

Members of the Paterson family lived and were baptized, married, and buried, in various parts of Dumfriesshire -- Annan, Dumfries, Gretna, Lochmaben, and Tinwald -- during the 1700s and 1800s. 

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Area in red is Dumfriesshire,
on the border with England.

Map showing various towns in Dumfriesshire.  Paterson family members lived in
Gretna, Annan, Cummertrees, Applegarth, Lochmaben, Dumfries, and Tinwald.