The Paterson Family

From Dumfriesshire, Scotland to Ontario, Canada


Parents of James Paterson:
James Paterson Sr. and Jean Richardson



James Paterson Jr. was born on May 31, 1829, in Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.  His parents were James Paterson Sr. and Jean Richardson.

James Sr. was born in Kirkmichael in Dumfriesshire on April 2, 1799.  His parents were Edward Paterson (1750-1832) and Jane Paterson (1765-1830).  Jane's maiden name just happened to be the same as Edward's surname. 

James Sr. and Jean Richardson married on December 26, 1825 in Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire.  Jean was born in Dumfriesshire on November 11, 1803. 

Their first child was Jean, who was born in Lochmaben on November 17, 1827.  Not much is known about Jean Paterson, other than that she married Robert Crichton in Applegarth on November 9, 1845 and that their child, James Crichton, was born on March 28, 1846.

It is not known whether James Paterson and Jean Richardson had any children other than Jean and James Jr.

The 1851 census shows James and Jane living on a farm of 200 acres.  Their grandson James Creighton was living with them at the time of the census.  They had six laborers living on the farm.  The 1861 census shows them living on Longfords Farm in Cummertrees on 135 acres of land and employing three men and two women. 

James Sr. died on July 1, 1868 in Cummertrees.  His wife Jean died in 1874.  To view information about the death of James Sr., including his Last Will and Testament, click here.

Cummertrees Church.  Cummertrees is a village in the Annadale parish of Dumfriesshire.