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April 6, 2012

The "Paterson Family History" Website is Launched

An email was sent today to announce the creation of a website for the Paterson Family History Project.  The announcement was sent to 27 descendants of the Paterson family which had its origins in Scotland.  If you were one of the recipients of this email, please share it with other family members.

I have been researching the family history of my father's maternal ancestors for the last two years. I started this project knowing only a few names in the Paterson family -- my grandmother Margaret and her sisters and, of course, living descendants of Margaret in the Basler and Coleman families.  The Paterson family tree now has about  350 entries.

This website is a gift to the Paterson family, in honor of my grandmother, Margaret Paterson, later known as Margaret Finney, and has been created for the benefit of my brothers and sisters, their children and grandchildren, and for the many cousins in the extended Paterson family. 

I will also be creating a Facebook page so that people can upload their own photos or make comments about Paterson family history.  I will use the Facebook page to give notice when new material has been added to the Paterson family history website.

                                                                                                         -- Tom Coleman

April 6, 2012

Selecting a point of entry to look at your main area of interest

Members of the Paterson family should have a general interest in the entire website.  After reading the entry page and the main introduction, it is suggested that website visitors look at the "contents" page.  This will give them an overview of the entire website.

It is natural for someone to wonder what pages would be most directly relevant to their immediate ancestors.  "Where do I fit into this family tree?" a website visitor may ask.  One place to look for the answer to this question is on the "surname" page of the website.  If you are a Coleman, for example, there is a paragraph on that page explaining how you fit into the Paterson family.  It is through Margaret Paterson, and her father, John Paterson, that a Coleman would find the most relevant information to them.  If you are a Hodgson, and you go to the surname page, you will find a link to Margaret Nicholson Paterson as your most relevant connection.


April 6, 2012

Building on the work of Jane Hunter Hodgson

I recently communicated with Jane Hunter Hodgson.  She has been researching Paterson family history for about 20 years.  She has shared much of this information with others through and  I commend her for the outstanding work she has done in connection with Paterson genealogy.  The Hodgson family is a sub-branch of the Paterson family as they are descendants of Margaret Nicholson Paterson who immigrated from Scotland to Cleveland, Ohio in the late 1800s.  Due to Jane's extensive research, I was able to fill in many blanks in Paterson family history.  Thanks, Jane.


July 25, 2011

Paterson cousin in UK reaches out to USA

I received an email yesterday from Ian Steele. Ian and I both are descendents of Edward Paterson (1750-1832) and Jane Paterson (1765-1830). According to the relationship chart he sent, he and I are fifth cousins. Many thanks to Ian for reaching out and making the connection